Jamiaya, Shamya, & Kamilyon

Photographed by Hanna Stinson Photography

Genders: Female

Ages: 14, 13, 5


Jamiaya, born December 2002, can be a shy young lady when she first meets someone. However once she warms up to you, she quickly comes out of her shell. She loves being the center of attention and sometimes struggles when she feels that she is being left out. She loves school and enjoys showing off what she is doing in class. She has an IEP to assist in areas where she may need extra help. Jamiaya suffers from eczema and seasonal allergies.

Shamya, born August 2004, is a talkative, loving young lady with an outgoing personality. She never meets a stranger. Shamya likes to be the center of attention. She sometimes struggles with her emotions when faced with adversity. She also struggles academically and has an IEP to assist in areas where she may need extra help. Shamya does not live with her sisters, but has a strong desire to be placed with them. Shamya wears glasses and has been diagnosed with asthma.

Kamilyon, born June 2012, is a happy little girl who smiles a lot. Kamilyon is affectionate and enjoys one-on-one time with her foster mother. Kamilyon resides in a foster home with her older sister Jamiaya. She enjoys playing with baby dolls and her big sister. Kamilyon is not potty trained, but her foster mother is working on this with her. Kamilyon is verbal but does not talk much. She mostly uses signs and gestures to communicate.

Jamiaya, Shamya, and Kamilyon need a forever family who will be very patient, offer lots of support, and provide individual time to each child.