Ethan & Adryan M.

Photographed by Appear Photography

Gender: Male

Age: 13, 12


Ethan, born June 2005 likes to play video games. He likes sports. He has not had an opportunity to play sports with a team or organization but he plays whatever he can at home. He likes skateboarding, but is more cautious with this activity.  Ethan likes one-on-one attention and he likes to go out to eat. He is doing well in school with good communication between his teacher and foster parent. His favorite subject is math. Ethan is a funny and entertaining child.

Adryan, born June 2006 likes to play video games. He likes to play sports although he has not played on an organized team. He likes to skateboard and is very balanced and talented in the driveway.  He likes one-on-one attention and enjoys helping in the kitchen. He also enjoys going out to eat. He does well in school and his favorite subject is science.  Adryan is a loving child. He likes to be helpful and involved. He will say he enjoys helping with chores.

Adryan & Ethan would benefit from a young energetic couple. They need a family that can provide structure and consistency. They would do best in a home with no other children or only male children.