Alexandria “Alex” R.

Photographed by Emily Dean Photography

Gender: Female

Age: 15


Alexandria, born in October 2002, likes to be called “Alex”.  She has a large framed build with brown eyes and sandy brown colored hair. Alex wants to be loved and desires a parent who is able to help her with her coping. She is very talkative and loves people to listen to her. She struggles with boundaries, negative attention seeking and requires constant redirection. Alex often times gets comfortable with conversations with adults and overlooks the adult role therefore results in talking to adults as if she’s on the same level. She often competes for attention with other children and she is very territorial. She has issues with anger and impulse control and is working hard to improve. Alex also struggles with self-esteem and weight which her medication is a factor. She likes Spongebob, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. Her favorite foods are chocolate, pizza, hot wings and Nutella. One of Alex’s biggest wishes is to go to Disney World. She is a huge Minnie Mouse Fan.