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Esmeralda, Alondra, Alexsandro, Cerilo

Photographed by Cookwire Photography

Gender: Female and Male

Age: 17, 14, 7, 6

Esmeralda, born June 2002, is the eldest of the siblings and is outgoing (this child is not photographed). She enjoys music, singing, reading, and art. Esmeralda is a member of her church choir and praise team. She has a strong bond with her siblings and looks forward to being part of a forever family with them. She would do well with a family that embraces Hispanic culture and promotes education, reading, and the arts. Esmeralda would benefit from a caregiver who is easygoing and can explain social situations and appropriate interactions to her in a kind and loving manner.

Alondra, born August 2005, is outgoing and makes friends easily. She has a bubbly personality and almost always appears happy. Alondra likes to play outside with her younger brothers.

Alexsandro, born May 2012, love to give hugs and is always smiling. He plays will with his peers and excels in school.

Cerilo, born May 2013, is always smiling. He is good at playing with others and is happy when with other kids. He loves to play games on his new tablet. He loves to be around people!