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Ashunte, Kamarel, Karyn, SeQueze, & JaCorrius

Photographed by Grace Photography

Gender: Female and Male

Age: 14, 12, 10, 9, 4

Ashunte, born May 2006, is a smart and sweet child. She is a very talented artist and loves to draw. She advocates for herself, she is persistent and determined. She is very well liked by her peers and she works hard in school and does well. She loves reading books and helping others. She is said to work well with groups of people with passive personalities. Ashunte will sometimes take on the role of parent with her younger siblings. She is a curious teenager and is eager to learn new things. She loves electronics and spending time on tablets and cell phones.

Kamarel, born November 2007, is a very sweet and respectful child. She is very close with her siblings. She is a bright child and she enjoys school very much.  She is a very resilient child with a bright outlook on the future. She loves cheerleading and loves mac and cheese. She would like to be a teacher or a nurse when she grows up so that she can help others in need. Kamarel also loves to sing and dance. Kamarel really like LOL surprise dolls and American Girl Dolls.

Karyn, born May 2009, is a very sweet and outgoing child. She makes good grades. She enjoys playing with her toys and siblings. She is confident and she has a great sense of humor. She gets along well with others and makes friends easily. Karyn is considerate of others. She wants to be a teacher when she grows up so that she can help children learn. Christmas is Karyn’s favorite holiday because she gets presents and she like celebrating the birth of Jesus.

SeQueze, born July 2010, is an athletic child who likes to play sports. He loves to play outside and ride his bike. He can be polite and caring. He has the ability to be helpful and kind and generous to others. SeQueze has big heart and can be very loving towards others. He has difficulties with emotional regulation, communication, and maintaining a positive outlook on life. He has some speech delays that can make it difficult to understand him at times. He would like to become the quarterback for the Alabama Crimson Tide. He has decided that after he finishes his football career that he will become a Sheriff so that he can help others in need. SeQueze likes to play with cars, puzzles, and sports equipment. He also likes one on one attention and affection. He does well in more calm and non chaotic environments.

Ja’Corrius, born August 2015, is a lovable and warm-hearted child. He is cheerful and friendly. He does well with older adults and listens well. He can be impressionable and often imitates the behavior of his older siblings. He likes to race on his bike and play outside. He enjoys basketball and throwing the football. Ja’Corrius loves to jump on the trampoline and ride his scooter with his siblings. He was very excited when he learned the ABC song at daycare. He loves hot pockets and his favorite place to eat is McDonalds. Ja’Corrius favorite birthday party would be a PJ Mask party. He is very bonded to his siblings with a strong attachment. Ja’Corrius loves to show his affection to others with hugs and kisses. However, he is known to be shy at times.