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Dakota C.

Photographed by Appear Photography

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Dakota, born June 2002  is a young man who is a joy to be around. He has a good sense of humor and likes to have fun. He can often be found playing video games.  When he is with his friends he likes to engage in activities that are competitive such as basketball or football.  He also likes to ride his skateboard with others and attempt to do tricks.

He is an average student who does not always strive to reach his full potential and needs to be encouraged to try harder. He at times acts silly which is attention seeking behavior.  He has had multiple school changes and this makes it difficult to have friends.  He will usually give maximum effort when it is something he enjoys.  He shows pride in keeping his bedroom and belongings in a neat and organized fashion and enjoys dressing in the latest styles and fashions. He also enjoys learning how to cook and can do his own laundry. Dakota is a people pleaser and enjoys doing what is asked of him when communicated to him in a calm manner.  Dakota is a family oriented child and is very interested in learning about his ancestors.