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David, Andrew & Devlynne

Photographed by Jessi Casara Photography

Gender: Female and Male

Age: 16, 15, 13

David, born September 2002, is the oldest of the three siblings. He is a caring, loving, gentle, and honest young man. He enjoys the outdoors, listening to rap music, playing video games, and solving analytical games, like Rubik’s cubes. David loves animals and is very family oriented. He desires to attend the University of Alabama and would like to play football or baseball there. He also aspires to become a social worker.

Andrew, born September 2003, is the middle child of the three siblings, If given the choice, Andrew would choose to stay inside and play video games; but, has also shown interest in soccer. He is an excellent student and competes with his sister for the highest GPA. Even though he is the youngest son, he feels as though he is the wisest. He desires to be a better person for himself and his family.

Devlynne, born September 2005, is a very spunky and intelligent young lady. She is very talented in arts & crafts and sketches very well. She is an excellent student. She and her brother, Andrew, compete with each other for making the better grades. She enjoys outdoor sports and is trying out for the volleyball team at her school.