Diamond & Reyna B.

Photographed by Appear Photography

Gender: Female

Age: 13, 11


Diamond, born December 2003 is an intelligent child who does well in school.  Diamond is very outgoing. She enjoys spending time with her friends and siblings. She also likes playing video games. Diamond’s favorite colors are pink and purple. At times, Diamond can get frustrated; however, she can calm herself down. Diamond’s favorite subject in school is Reading. Her favorite sport is football.

Reyna, born December 2005 is also very intelligent child. She does well in school. She is very outgoing and energetic. Reyna enjoys helping others and spending time with her friends and siblings. Reyna loves to draw and is very interested in art. She is very affectionate and loves to give hugs. At times she can be defiant; however, she will come around become calm and serves the consequences with no complaints. Reyna’s favorite color is Pink.

Diamond and Reyna are very close and long to be adopted together.  They both have stated they would like to be adopted into a single parent home.