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Ingnaicio, Isaiah, Isaac & Jasmine

Photographed by Sterling Brown

Gender: Female and Male

Age: 16, 15, 13

Ingnaicio, born October 2002 loves basketball and plays for his high school team. His ideal day would include spending the day with his siblings and friends, playing basketball, and eating his favorite food. Ingnaicio is behind for his age, but is doing well and does not receive any services. His favorite subject is history, because he likes learning about the past. Ingnaicio is an outgoing and positive person. He is always happy and never has anything bad to say.

Isaiah & Isaac (pictured in slideshow below)born July 2004 are twin brothers. Isaiah loves to draw and create things with Legos and Minecraft. He loves his computer class and would like to join a club if there was one at his school. Isaiah is very smart but does not like school. He needs to work on focusing on his school work instead of drawing. Isaiah is always concerned with his siblings and always thinking of them. He is a sweet and caring young man who wants to make everyone happy. Isaiah wants to be with his twin brother more than anything.

Isaac loves to draw and create things with Legos. He wishes there was a technology club at his school so he could join. Isaac would love to be with his family and friends, playing video games, going shopping, and eating Chinese food. Isaac is very smart. Isaac is always thinking of others and is a selfless young man. He is always thinking of ways to make the world a better place for others. Isaac wants to be with his twin brother more than anything.

Jasmine, born March 2006 loves track and cheerleading. She also loves to sing and attend church. Jasmine would love to be with her family and friends, going to the trampoline park, or go shopping, and eat Mexican food. She makes descent grades, but does not like homework or to study. If she applied herself, she could make good grades. Her favorite subject is math because it is easy and simple to her. Jasmine is a sweet and loving child, who is easy to get along with. She is always happy and smiling.