Jalunnie, Mariah & Jamarius

Photographed by Jennie Tewell Photography

Genders: Female and Male

Ages: 15, 14, 13


Jalunnie, born December 2002 describes himself as a fun, cool kid who can be laid back at times. He loves sports, basketball and football in particular. Jalunnie is a Cavaliers fan and loves Alabama football! Roll Tide! He feels like he wants to be either a professional sports player when he grows up or maybe a mechanic because he likes cars. He is into video games, computers and TV but is not much of a reader. His favorite subject is science and he loves pizza and cake! He is not a picky eater and will try anything. Others describe him as bubbly, loves attention, enjoys being a helper and a leader. He is friendly and likes to feel important.  Jalunnie loves his siblings and hopes that a family will be found to take all three of them so they can live together again in the same home.

Mariah, born in November 2003 is a sweet and somewhat shy girl with a bright smile.  She enjoys girly thing, makeup and clothes.  She still enjoy playing with baby dolls and her favorite color is pink.  Mariah likes sports and describes herself as smart, nice and responsible.  She is an AL fan.  Math and Science are her favorite subjects in school but she is not sure what she wants to be when she grows up.

Jamarius, born in December 2004, is described as a charismatic, friendly boy with an infectious smile.  Jamarius loves superheroes, specifically the Avengers, and WWE wrestling.  His favorite Avenger is the Hulk and favorite wrestler is Triple H.  Jamarius enjoys putting puzzles together and drawing.  He wants to be a Blue Angel Pilot or go into the military when he grows up.  Jamarius likes attention and enjoys one on one time with his caregivers. Jamarius loves candy and snacks.