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Kendra, Chyanne & Devin

Photographed by Alec Phillips Photography

Gender: Female and Male

Age: 17, 15, 13

Kendra, born May 2001 is a talkative young lady. Kendra enjoys music, singing along to songs, and dancing. She also enjoys outings with school and church, and is a very loyal and loving teenager. She does need guidance as her siblings look up to her, so help in monitoring her behaviors is necessary. She also needs guidance in determining which sorts of relationships are and are not appropriate.

Chyanne, born September 2003  is loving and affectionate, girl.  She is very nurturing towards babies and younger children. She loves to play with dolls and go out to eat.  She enjoys extra curricular activities in school and church with supervision.  Chyanne currently struggles with academics but is very capable of being academically successful and has been in the past. With the right home environment, Chyanne has the ability to learn and do well in the home and school.

Devin, born September 2005 is a very loving, talkative and funny boy. Devin loves country music and enjoys singing along. He also enjoys outings, as well as going to church. Devin struggles academically and does have an Individual Education Plan in place at school. In the right home, environment Devin will progress and thrive.