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Tony, Jennifer & Selena

Photographed by Sterling Brown

Genders: Female and Male

Ages: 13, 12, 10

Tony, born July 2004 is a very energetic young man that loves interacting with others. Tony does fairly well in school, especially when he puts forth the effort. He does not receive any special services, and his favorite subject is reading. If he could plan a day all about himself, it would revolve around sports. He loves them all and is even a Manager on the school baseball team!

Jennifer, born September 2005 is a creative child that loves to read and draw. She does struggle in school and but does have an IEP in place to support her progress. Jennifer loves to “play school” as well as design doll clothes and do their hair.

Selena, born October 2007 is a very creative girl that loves to be social and interact with others. She’s doing well in school and is currently enrolled in the appropriate grade level without any special services. She enjoys math and feels most proud when she makes 100’s on her tests. She enjoys playing on her electronic devices and being active through cheerleading.  While she loves pizza, Chinese food is her favorite.

These children would benefit from a two parent family with few or no other children.