Undre, Terrell & Kyron

Photographed by Nadia Wilder

Gender: Male

Age: 17, 15, 14


Undre, born June 2004 is generally shy but warms up to others easily. He is interested in learning about technology and how the technical world works. Undre doesn’t like to be the center of attention but feels empowered when he is complimented on doing the right thing. Undre enjoys spending time with his siblings. He makes and keeps friends easily. Undre would like to become an architect when he grows up. Undre enjoys keeping up with sports and would like to play football in high school. He likes to be active and is always looking for things to do. Undre likes to ride his bike to meet friends and explore the neighborhood. His favorite foods are burgers, hot wings and seafood. Undre does not like squash or zucchini. For his birthday, Undre would like to spend the day shopping and eating at Red Lobster.

Terrell, born November 2005, is reserved and easy going. He slowly becomes comfortable with meeting new people. He generally likes everyone and can easily make friends. Routine and structure are best for Terrell. He enjoys learning new things. Terrell is interested in video games and the “finer” things in life. He is into sports with football being his favorite. In his spare time he enjoys basketball with his friends or online video games where he can communicate with others around the world. Terrell doesn’t like to be outside much and enjoys alone time in his room. He likes to attend church to learn more about God. He enjoys eating wings and eating at Logan’s Roadhouse. Terrell is family-oriented and enjoys spending quality time with his siblings. Terrell would like to become a firefighter some day as he views firefighters as being strong and bold. If Terrell could visit anywhere in the world, he would go to New York City in hopes of seeing a football player.

Kyron, born November 2006,is smart and bright. He is family-oriented and enjoys spending as much time as possible with his siblings. He likes being outside and exploring his neighborhood. Kyron likes to ride his bike and meet up with friends to play neighborhood football. He enjoys meeting new people and learning the background of others. Kyron enjoys being the center of attention and he loves compliments. When Kryon isn’t outside exploring, he enjoys being inside watching movies. Some of his favorites are “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs,” the “SpongeBob Movie” and “Captain Underpants.” Kyron enjoys school and makes good grades. He likes to be active and enjoys trying and eating new things. Kyron’s one wish is to build a house where he and all of his siblings could live. (PICTURED IN SLIDESHOW BELOW)