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Amber & Trevor

Photographed by Erin Cobb Photography

Gender: Female and Male

Age: 16, 10

Amber, born November 2005, enjoys art and music. Her favorite food is Fried Green Tomatoes. Her favorite activity is helping with the chickens, gathering eggs/feeding/cleaning pins. Amber has been a part of a competition with her chickens and has won many ribbons. Amber has high self-esteem and loves to be creative. Amber loves to play and have a good time. She is great with other children and is very caring towards adults. Amber is very well behaved while at school and at home.

Trevor, born October 2011, is a very loving child who enjoys learning new things. Trevor loves to smile and dance. He has recently learned to identify different animals, colors, and sounds. He loves everything Cats! He has two stuffed Cat toys that he sleeps with each night. Trevor has a great appetite and loves Veggies. Trevor gets along well with other children.