Austin D.

Photographed by Appear Photography

Gender: Male

Age: 10


Austin, born July 2011, is a smart, caring. and artistic child. He makes friends easily, is inquisitive, and enjoys learning. Austin enjoys being outside and loves fishing and playing basketball. Austin is very passionate and when he becomes interested in something he is focused on learning everything about it. He is shy when you first meet him but quickly warms up to people. His favorite animals are turtles and dogs. He would love to be in a home with dogs and that is open to him having a turtle. He does well in homes with other children but tries to be the parent when placed with younger children. Austin loves watching nature shows and documentaries, especially if they are about marine life. Austin likes aquariums but does not do well in crowds. He loves to read comic books and is a huge fan of super heroes including Batman and the Hulk. If he could plan a day all about him he would plan a trip to a water park.