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Dakota Y.

Photographed by Dogwood Design & Photography

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Dakota born May 2004 is shy when she first meets someone. When she gets comfortable with you, her beautiful smile and giggles come out. It is special to see the excitement she has for the future.Dakota has a desire to be a social worker or a police officer so that she can help people that have gone through similar situations.  Dakota loves to eat ice cream. She also loves to play volleyball. Drawing and writing in her journal are Dakota’s main hobbies. To cope with stressful situations Dakota likes to walk out side and listen to her music. She is very loyal to her caregivers and does not like to hear them being disrespected. Dakota enjoys spending time with her peers. She likes to have someone to spend time with her and give her one-on-one attention. She shows her appreciation for the time people give her. Dakota loves pets and would not mind having new siblings.