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Dalton & Robert “Parker”

Photographed by Stephanie Fisher Photography

Gender: Male

Age: 18, 17

Dalton born June 2003 enjoys playing football and basketball.  His favorite subject in school currently is Spanish because he enjoys learning new things.  His favorite place to go out to eat is Sonic where he loves to eat Hamburgers.  He would like to be an engineer when he grows up.  Besides sports he also enjoys listening to music.  If he could have 3 wishes he would want his dream car which is a Bugatti, he would want to live in California and work for a power company.  He also dreams of visiting Washington, DC.  He is proud that he keeps his things neat and tidy.  He also describes himself as having a good personality with a lot of potential.

Robert, born August 2004 prefers to be called “Parker.”  His favorite subject at school is math.  He actually says it is the only subject he likes.  His favorite holiday is Christmas because you spend time with family, you receive gifts and you celebrate Jesus’ birthday.  He is favorite sport is baseball but he also likes to play Uno with his friends.  He would like to be a marine biologist when he grows up because he loves animals and wants to study them.  He loves to spend time with his brother who he considers his “hero.”  He also likes to be outside and he would love to have a dog one day.  Robert describes himself as organized and respectful.

These two brothers long to be adopted together.