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Desmeya R.

Photographed by Katie & Alec Photography

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Desmeya, born February 2003, is set to graduate high school in May 2021. She is a very talented young lady and has many skills that will be beneficial for her in the future. She is a very lively young woman. She is friendly and is able to make friends wherever she goes. She does not meet many strangers. She is also funny and will have you laughing.  She enjoys shopping and getting dolled up with make up. She also crochets garments in her spare time and enjoys making items for others as gifts. She spends her free time watching reality TV shows and scrolling through social media for the latest fashions and make-up looks. She also enjoys a good nap. A day of fun for Desmeya would include shopping, getting a makeover and mani-pedi.  She plans to go into nursing and she loves to travel so she hopes to be a travel nurse.  Desmeya needs a stable and loving family that will love her unconditionally and help her make her dreams a reality!