Ethel “Ree”

Photographed by Hanna Stinson Photography

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Ethel, born July 2000, is a sweet girl who likes to be called by her middle name, Ree. She attends school where her favorite thing to do is color. Ree likes to have a very laid back and quiet environment. She prefers not to be in noisy crowds of people. Ree enjoys church but only attends sporadically because the choir sounds are difficult for her to be around.

Ree has been in her current home for two years and has adjusted very well to this single-parent household. She likes to be a helper and enjoys movies and playing games on the computer. She loves her baby dolls and stuffed animals. She sleeps with one every night. Ree can participate in all self-help skills with supervision to ensure things are done correctly. She enjoys eating out and shopping, and she loves animals. As long as she is kept busy, Ree is usually very content.