Gage B.

Photographed by Jennifer Alsabrook Turner and Katie & Alec Photography

Gender: Male

Age: 13


Gage, born in August 2008, enjoys playing outside, drawing, and playing football with the neighborhood kids. Gage is not currently involved in any extra curricular activities. If he could have a day all about him, Gage would start his day his day with a HUGE breakfast of his choosing. If possible he would go to the zoo, somewhere to draw, and possibly a football game in the afternoon, Gage is doing well in school and is well loved by his teachers and principals. His favorite class is art. Gage has a smile on his face no matter what and enjoys life’s most simple pleasures. Gage would do best with a family that gives a ton of hugs and positive reinforcement. Gage will not ask for anything and say what he wants, but is extremely excited when he feels like he has made someone proud.