Indie P.

Photographed by Patrick Mackin

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Indie, born in September of 2003, is a friendly and smart young woman. She enjoys hanging out with her friends and singing. Indie can be very social and does mostly well in school.  Indie desires to be a nurse or a singer when she grows up. She longs for a sense of belonging and stability. She wants someone to love her unconditionally and to give her support even when her behavior is not at it’s best. Indie knows how to behave however she can become defiant and fail to follow rules.

Indie can be funny and is fun to be around though she does tend to act older than she is. Indie has had a hard time coping with being in foster care and even more so in coping with the loss of her parents. Indie has an older sister who is currently choosing not to be adopted though it is important for Indie and her sister to maintain contact. Indie would do best in a home with no other children although she does do well with infants.  She desires a family that goes to church regularly.  Indie needs to find a forever home with a strong family who will show her love and support despite any negative behaviors.