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Jakaryus T.

Photographed by Nadia Wilder

Gender: Male

Age: 18

JaKaryus, born January 2004 is the oldest of a sibling group of 6 that will be placed separately for adoption but they hope to remain close. JaKaryus has an easy-going personality. JaKaryus enjoys helping around the house. His favorite activities include playing sports, particularly basketball, football and track. He also likes writing poems and cooking.

JaKaryus enjoys playing video games, skating, and riding his bicycle. He loves macaroni and cheese, fried chicken, lima beans, pizza, waffles, and pancakes. He gets along with his peers and would rather not be alone. He attends church regularly and reads his Bible consistently. He is able to quote scripture that he has learned. He finds enjoyment being around people who make him laugh. JaKaryus aspires to complete high school and become an engineer or architect because he enjoys designing and building.