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James, Jordan & Shea

Photographed by Lauren Tomasella

Gender: Female and Male

Age: 17, 15, 14

Darla “Shea”, born June 2004 likes to sing, draw and cook.  She is creative and spends a lot of time on Tik Tok looking for inspiration.  She loves to go antiquing.  She also enjoys anime.

James, born March 2006, is a creative child. He is very interested in Computers and anime. Jordan enjoys making anime videos and watching new characters. When James is interested in something, he is very positive and upbeat and will talk about it for hours.

Jordan, born February 2007, is an intelligent child. He is very interested in Computers and anime. He is enrolled in JROTC and expresses interest in continuing a military career. Jordan enjoys making videos with new music and characters.

These siblings are close and protective of each other.  They would do well with an attentive and patient family.