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Juliecia C.

Photographed by Amy Dummier Photography

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Juliecia, born February 2007, is a sweet and loving child.  She enjoys the simplest things like bubbles. She has mastered many skills at school and with the dedication of her teachers she continues to master more and more each year. Juliecia uses non-verbal communication. She uses “I want” picture cards, as well as her iPad to communicate. She will also take you by the hand and lead you to what she wants. She has receptive language skills demonstrated by her ability to follow simple commands/directions and she is responsive to her name. She loves music and games/toys that make sound. She also loves to smile. Juliecia is a very active child and will need ample space to run and play.

Overall, Juliecia is a very loving child. She may be a bit shy until she gets to know you, but once she does you will see a wonderful child. She will need continued care as she gets older. Those of us that have been working with Juliecia over the years have seen the vast improvements she has made and the potential she has.