Kaylee V.

Photographed by Tracy McDaniel Photography

Gender: Female

Age: 12


Kaylee, born November 2009 is a very bright and intelligent girl who enjoys reading, science, and math. She is doing work above her grade level at school. Kaylee loves to read. She likes to be helpful and strives to please. She does well academically and needs to be challenged to avoid getting bored. She enjoys helping in the classroom and learning new things. Some of Kaylee’s favorite foods are mashed potatoes, French fries, chicken nuggets, chicken soft tacos, pizza, and sweet tea. Kaylee enjoys reading her Bible and prays daily. She likes riding her bicycle but at the moment requires training wheels. She enjoys wearing earrings and hair bows.  She prefers to wear her hair short. Kaylee has a big heart and will readily share with others. Kaylee is a very special girl who needs a home with parents who can give her lots of love and attention, but who are also firm, consistent, and structured.