Landon J.

Photographed by Arik Sokol

Gender: Male

Age: 16



Landon, born July 2005, is a sweet boy with a great personality.  He is very smart and is in the Gifted Program at school.  His favorite subject is Math.  He makes very good grades and has good behavior in school.  Landon is currently taking medication for ADHD.  He has a good sense of humor and has the ability to figure things out.  He states he wants to be a engineer or build houses when he grows up because “he is good at building things.”  Landon prefers playing indoors and loves playing video games.  He also likes riding his bike and scooter.  Landon enjoys attending church and being involved in church activities.  Landon wants wants a mom and dad who will always love him and always take care of him-forever.  He is very excited about the possibility of adoption.