Levi, Shaun & Aiden

Photographed by Jennifer Alsabrook Turner and Katie & Alec Photography

Gender: Male

Age: 16, 15, 11


Levi, born June 2005, is an enthusiastic and athletic child. Shawn, born August 2006, is a caring and very sociable child. Aiden, born February 2011, is a very funny and loving child that loves to help. These boys are all very smart children, who do well in school and are well liked by their peers and teachers. Levi and Shawn are active in sports such as basketball and football. Levi has an interest in track. Aiden has played baseball in the past and has enjoyed it. All three boys are great athletes. These brothers are very loving and have expressed a great desire to be adopted by a loving Christian family. They are all very active in church and believe that it is an important component that their forever family should have. These three boys have been placed together while in care and desire to be able to stay together if adopted.