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Quinterious and Jalyn (NOT PHOTOGRAPHED)

Photographed by Jessi Casara Photography

Gender: Male

Age: 15, 10

Quinterious, born January 2006 enjoys all sports, music, and drawing. He enjoys anything that helps him.  He enjoys moving and having fun. He enjoys school and does well.  He has a sweet spirit and a caring personality. He tries his best to make everyone around him happy!

Jalyn, born September 2010 is a sweet child who enjoys riding her bike, playing with her dolls and playing outdoors.   She loves to help others and being an usher at church.  Her favorite subject at school is art and she is involved in the cooking club.  Her favorite holiday is Christmas and she would love to have a birthday party at a skating rink and to go to DisneyLand!  Her favorite sport is soccer and her favorite food is pizza.  In her spare time, she likes to watch TV, playing with the family pet, gymnastics and hanging out with friends. (PHOTOS IN THE SLIDER BELOW)