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Quinton & Quin’teona

Photographed by Bob Passmore

Gender: Female and Male

Age: 16

Quinton & Quin’teona were born in August of 2003. They love to play sports. Quinton prefers baseball and Quinteona enjoys volleyball. They both show great aptitude as athletes. Shopping and hanging out with friends is one of both their favorite things to do on weekends. Quinteona is a loving, caring, and helpful sister a large majority of the time. She states that she wants to be a lawyer to help people or a criminal justice investigator and has the knowledge and skills to do so. Quinton states that he can be shy until he gets to know someone. He loves to play outside, swim, play video games and watch TV. Quinton & Quinteona love spending time with one another and laughing. They would love a forever family that enjoys spending quality time together and having fun.