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Raheim C.

Photographed by Stephanie Fisher Photography

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Raheim, born March 2005, is caring, helpful and sharing young man. He is playful yet daring. He can be soft spoken and has an engaging smile. He likes soft music and being outside. He is adventurous and enjoys exploring his environment. Raheim enjoys going to the park and the recreation center. He will try almost anything once. He’s into sport, video games, crafts and writing rhymes. He would like to join a basketball team or record a song someday. Raheim loves family and some of his best moments are when he is spending quality time with his siblings. He is brave and tries to protect everyone that he loves. He likes to have attention and thrives on positive coaching. Raheim is affectionate and displays happiness with hugs and jokes. He likes to feel included.