Tayshawn & Kristianna

Photographed by Katie & Alec Photography

Gender: Female and Male

Age: 14


Tayshawn, born September 2007, likes to play basketball, video games, and outdoors with his friends. He enjoys laughing and being around people.  He is very social. Tayshawn wants to be a part of a family who loves him and encourages him to make good choices daily. Tayshawn is very smart and cares a lot about school. He needs a family that is going to love him unconditionally and stick with him through any trial and tribulation that come before him in the future. Tayshawn is headstrong and driven and desires a family that will encourage him to succeed in his goals.

Kristianna, born September 2007, loves to play basketball and listen to music. She loves to laugh and have fun. She loves the outdoors and loves to play extracurricular activities. She likes to be with her peers especially if they like basketball.  She wants a family that is affectionate and will pay close attention to the little details about her that no one else does.  She desires unconditional love.  She wants to be part of a big family that cares about one another more than themselves.