Xaden S.

Photographed by David Boyd Photography

Gender: Male

Age: 8


Xaden, born December 2012 is a happy child with blue eyes and blonde hair. He is developmentally delayed and has Chiari Malformation. He is non-ambulatory and non-verbal. Xaden is totally dependent requiring his needs be met by an adult and he requires 24-hour supervision. He is unable to sit independently and requires a wheelchair. Xaden is responsive to voices that he knows and babbles with his responses. Xaden will put his hands above his head to clap when he’s happy and excited. He loves Alabama football and likes watching television in his bouncer seat, mainly PBS kid shows. He gets agitated when he’s watching a favorite tv show and is disturbed. He is a people person and loves to be in the presence of people and kids. Xaden does not like being in quiet areas, he functions better with noise and will fall asleep and sleep through noise. His vision is best on his left side therefore one would need to stand on his left side for him to see. It is highly stressed that he be around other children. He is comforted by his numerous crochet blankets as he uses the holes to put his fingers through and covers his face. It is important that a blanket accompany him wherever he goes. He likes music, enjoys singing and attending church. Xaden is a hearty eater.  His food is pureed and a specific thickener is used due to digestive and swallowing issues. Xaden has adjusted to riding the bus attending a specialized school one day a week where he participates in speech, occupational and physical therapy. Xaden will thrive best in a single or 2 parent home with children. He is flourishing well in a 2 parent home with 5 other children and 2 dogs that he interacts well with. A parent(s) will need to be willing to learn about his medical condition and the care he will need to thrive.