Zaelyn P.

Photographed by Appear Photography

Gender: Male

Age: 15


Zaelyn is a very friendly, loving, affectionate, and spirited little boy. He is a very active and energetic child, and he loves to be the center of attention. Zaelyn likes to sing and is very good at it. He responds well to being praised. Zaelyn is very smart and is a good student academically. He usually earns As and Bs. He sometimes struggles with focusing on his work and keeping his attention. Zaelyn will need a family who will show a lot of patience and will assist him in healthy anger management and coping skills, as well as with proper hygiene. He would like to have both a mom and dad who will spend time with him.  He would prefer a home with only brothers. He needs to be able to maintain contact with his biological siblings and current foster mom. Zaelyn is an endearing little boy who looks forward to having a forever family.