Bailee R.

Photographed by Andrea Mabry Photography

Gender: Female

Age: 10


Bailee, born May 2007, is active and has a big imagination. She enjoys dancing, swimming, and riding her bicycle. She also enjoys doing craft projects and art. Bailee likes to play with her dolls and loves Hello Kitty. Bailee is very smart and does well in school when she is motivated. She does not like doing homework, but can do it with some encouragement. She makes A/B honor roll most of the time, and enjoys reading. Bailee has some behavioral/emotional issues and throws tantrums at times. Due to her behaviors, Bailee requires counseling and medication to help her stay focused and control her mood. Bailee is working on following the rules and taking responsibility for her behaviors. Bailee is making progress with her behavior.

Bailee needs a structured two parent home where she can get attention and work on her behaviors. She does well with a consistent schedule and rules. The family needs to have patience with her and an understanding of her behaviors.