Heart Gallery Alabama’s Heart Squad is made up of a group of dedicated volunteers who want to make a positive impact on children in Alabama’s foster care system.

The Heart Squad will ensure children featured on the Heart Gallery feel special by providing personalized gifts, hosting unique birthday parties, and planning one-of-a-kind experiences that celebrate important milestones and support a child’s sense of self-worth.

The idea is simple: children in foster care often miss out on important experiences. They move from place to place, disrupting their school year, and their involvement in clubs, sports and extra-curricular activities is limited.

The goal of the Heart Squad is to help fill in these gaps by providing experiences, specifically designed for each child’s interest, which are not otherwise available to children in foster care.

Some examples of experiences include:

  • Prom Experiences
  • Zoo / Museum passes
  • Day trips
  • Music / Sporting lessons
  • Birthday parties
  • Movie / Theater tickets