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LaMario W.

Photographed by Jessica Navas

Gender: Male

Age: 16

LaMario, born November 2002, was born three months premature and remained hospitalized for approximately six months after birth. LaMario was born with multiple health problems, including Cerebral Palsy. Initially, doctors believed that LaMario would not be able to ever do anything for himself such as sitting up, walking, feeding himself, or performing any other daily activities. However, LaMario can feed himself, he can walk using his walker and rarely uses his wheelchair. Also, he walks by cruising along the furniture or holding someone’s hand. LaMario is very active and enjoys playing in his backyard with his toys and gym set. Within the past two years, he has become more verbal and enjoys singing. LaMario continues to make progress and attends school on a regular basis.  LaMario is a joy to be around and has the ability to bring a smile to anyone’s face.  He needs a family that is willing to make a lifelong commitment to him.