Cherokee W.

Photographed by Jennifer Alsabrook Turner

Gender: Female

Age: 16



Cherokee, born June 2005, is outgoing and creative. She enjoys drawing, gymnastics, playing board games, and helping cook. Cherokee is good at swimming, coloring, and making crafts. She has a kind heart and wants a family that is nice, loving, and caring. Due to past experiences, Cherokee has some behavioral problems. Cherokee has a tendency to throw long tantrums in which she is physically aggressive. These tantrums usually start when she does not get her way. As a result of her behavioral needs, Cherokee requires counseling and sometimes medication. Cherokee is working on taking responsibility for her actions and following rules. Cherokee responds well to positive reinforcement. Cherokee needs a family that will provide structure and consistency and help her achieve her goals. It is believed that Cherokee will do better with a married couple where she is the youngest or only child. Cherokee needs a family that is very patient and understanding of her behaviors.