Daytona H.

Photographed by Rachel McElroy Imagery

Gender: Female

Age: 17


Daytona born in May 2004, is artistic and likes writing, coloring and watching TV. She enjoys SpongeBob, Cinderella and Frozen. Her wish is that she had “Elsa power”. Daytona likes to wear dark clothing and bleached out colors but is now starting to explore lighter colors. She is very shy and hides her face while smiling but once she gets to know a person she will make eye contact and communicate. She loves it when there’s an interest of hers that a person has knowledge about. Daytona will easily attach to people who give her one on one attention. She loves positive praise. Daytona desires a single parent home with no other kids where she has a mom who will be nurturing and provide a foundation of positive discipline where the parent is firm and kind at the same time. Daytona needs time to build trust and feel secure. Redirection is needed consistently as well as behavior modeling. A parent would also need to be knowledgeable of diabetes and able to educate Daytona on the importance of a healthy lifestyle relative to diabetes. Daytona has 2 younger nephews whom she desires to maintain some connections with.