Dominic, Charlette, Kamdyn & River

Photographed by Mac + Meg Collective

Gender: Female and Male

Age: 6, 5, 2, 1


Dominic, born July 2015, is a child with great enthusiasm for life! He loves playing outside, riding his bike/big wheel and doing puzzles. He loves riding his batman car. His favorite color is blue.

Charlette, born September 2016, is a kind, compassionate and loving child. She enjoys playing with baby dolls and learning new words.

Kamdyn, born May 2019, is a happy and playful child. He enjoys spending time in his jumper, playing peek-a-boo and games.

River, born May 2020, is a sweet and content baby. He enjoys spending his time eating and sleeping.

These brothers and sister are very attached and share a strong bond. They need a loving family committed to keeping them together.