Jonathan B.

Photographed by David Boyd Photography

Gender: Male

Age: 21


Jonathan was born in February 2000.  He likes to be clean and dress nice. Jonathan is mild mannered and mature. He loves to draw and is very talented. He likes Minecraft and would like to attend a trade school upon graduation from high school to concentrate on Welding and Game Designing. Jonathan plays video games as a coping mechanism to decrease his anger. He likes school and has a desire to finish but struggles in Math. He likes shopping, movies, bowling and playing video games. Jonathan loves the one on one attention where the focus is on him. He struggles with trust due to the many disappointments throughout his life. He desires a 2 parent home or single mom with an older brother. Race is not an issue with him as he feels true love has no color. Jonathan likes dogs and cats and would like a Pit Bull. He would like to live in an area where he can enjoy the wildlife activities such as fishing, hunting deer, riding four wheelers and dirt bikes. Jonathan needs a strong family who is willing to help him work through his insecurities.