Kaiden P.

Photographed by David Boyd Photography

Gender: Male

Age: 18


Kaiden, born November 2002, comes from a sibling group of six. He was only raised with three of these siblings.  He is academically successful and is an outgoing child.  He enjoys outside activities including riding his bike and skateboarding. He also enjoys extra curricular activities such as football and basketball. Kaiden thrives on attention and affection from others, especially adult figures. Kaiden enjoys helping the adults in his life and receiving one-on-one attention. Kaiden is in need of a strong male figure in his life and continued extra curricular activities. He also needs to maintain communication and physical contact with two of his siblings as much as possible. Kaiden needs assistance with staying on task and focusing as he is easily distracted. Kaiden will need a family who is willing to maintain his therapy and medications to help control his attention deficit and impulsivity. He desires and deserves a “forever family” that will be committed to him and love him unconditionally.