LaRaymaun J.

Photographed by Admoni Photography

Gender: Male

Age: 13


LaRaymaun, born April 2008, is a very energetic and loveable child. He enjoys playing with his trucks and riding his bike. LaRaymaun also enjoys drawing and coloring. His favorite subject is Math. The numbers and dynamics of Math seem to capture his attention.  He  is also eager to learn.  He will usually ask questions when he lacks understanding. There have been few occasions that he has gotten into trouble with other kids at school.  LaRaymaun has a hearty appetite and is not a picky eater.  He is shy when he first meets someone but usually warms up and talks to them. He enjoys attention and positive feedback.  LaRaymaun is tenacious and has really good coping skills.  He has faced many loses at an early age but continues to strive and thrive. LaRaymaun is a joy to those he comes in contact with.