Raegan M.

Photographed by K. Olis Photography

Gender: Female

Age: 13


Raegan, born June 2008 has a very creative imagination and is warm and friendly. She’s always ready for an adventure. She enjoys traveling, playing outside, and trying new things. She also likes dogs and enjoys camping. Raegan is family oriented and would love to be placed with a family that shares the same adventurous desires. She does well in all her subjects in school and makes mostly A’s. She enjoys shopping, eating out, and spending time with people she loves. Her sister is her hero. She believes she can talk with her sister about any of her problems. Raegan believes that she is responsible. She completes chores without having to be reminded. When necessary, she can take charge and be a leader, but she feels more comfortable in the background. She is kind, thoughtful, and brave. Raegan enjoys dancing, participating in arts & crafts, and has a keen sense of humor.