Sierra, Courtney & Jonathan

Photographed by Erin Cobb Photography

Gender: Female and Male

Age: 17, 15, 14


Sierra, born in 2004 is an outgoing young lady. She makes average grades in school and her favorite subject is Art. She loves to draw in her free time and has a great imagination. She loves to go to the mall and play games with her friends. Sierra wants to be a nurse one day and would love to work with babies. She is very ambitious and has a lot of energy. Sierra is very sweet and loves to help others out. She wants an adoptive home where she is with her siblings and with a family that will treat her as their own.

Courtney born in 2006 is currently is a smart young girl.  She makes good grades in school and her favorite subject is spelling. Courtney is very proud of making the honor roll at school. Courtney loves to play games on her tablet and ride her bike during her free time. She loves to be outside and likes swimming. Courtney wants to be a coach when she grows up because she loves to exercise. Courtney is a very sweet and bubbly child that makes friends easily. Courtney wants and adoptive home where she is with her siblings and a family with dogs.

Jonathan born in 2007 is an all A student and his favorite subject is math. Jonathan wants to be a pro-football player one day and loves to play sports. Jonathan likes to play with his friends when he is not in school. Jonathan is very sweet and makes friends easily. Jonathan wants and adoptive home where he is with his siblings but would also like for another boy to live in the home as well.