Steven “David” C.

Photographed by David Boyd Photography

Gender: Male

Age: 19


David, born June 2002 is a child with a bright and happy personality. He is carefree and does not allow things to bother him negatively or affect his attitude. David is an active child who plays baseball and is in Karate classes. He also enjoys swimming and playing video games but is very open to almost any activity. David participates well in school and is enrolled in special education services with emphasis on speech and occupational services. David has a communication deficit in which he slurs his words and at times will stutter. It is also difficult for him to make a complete, coherent thought. He is one grade behind in academics and isn’t on the same maturity level of his peers. David has a shunt placed in his head which does require regular follow-up. He also has dental needs and cavities which is hereditary. David is family oriented and would do best in a two parent home that is patient but active enough for him.  He needs a family that is able to build on his current strengths and needs. These needs include continued positive interactions, encouragement, and advocacy throughout his life.