Tyler P.

Photographed by Aubrie Moates

Gender: Male

Age: 14


Tyler, born March 2007 has a smile that lights up a room. He is a very friendly, outgoing little boy who craves love and acceptance. He loves to give hugs! He likes playing with his peers and playing video games. Tyler is a very sensitive child who at times needs assistance with regulating his emotions. He also needs help with focusing and following directions. Tyler enjoys school and usually earns As and Bs. He would like to have a 2-parent home. It seems like having a dad is very important to him, as he wants to spend time with him doing outdoors activities like fishing, riding horses, sports and camping. He would like to live in the country. He would like to be an only child “so I can be spoiled”. However, he would be open to other children, though he would prefer that they be over the age of 6. Tyler very much wants a forever home.